I think everyone would agree that Gerrard is having one of the best tournaments in an England shirt he’s ever had. An ambassador of the Adidas Predator, Gerrard has been a massive part of the launch of the Predator LZ, which he has been wearing since release.

The people at Adidas have put together a nice info graphic to show how Gerrard has deployed the 5 ‘lethal zones’ on the boots during both games so far – pictures after the cut

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ‘zones’ here is a youtube video which should further explain it all

Whats interesting about the info graphic is that Gerrard uses the same two ‘zones’ on the boot the most, the first touch zone and the passing zone. This really implies that he follows a ‘pass and move’ mentality in the games, taking a touch and looking to pass it on without over using the ‘dribble’ zone

the predator LZ is available from sports direct for uk customers  and from Soccer.com for international readers