A while ago we saw Booost Oxygen on Dragon’s Den, where it grabbed our attention – and we decided to review the product. Booost is canned oxygen with a slight peppermint flavouring – acclaimed to be the next Redbull for athletes.

booost energy oxygen can

The pure oxygen in the product allows you to recover faster from aerobic exercise – so its a fantastic product to keep in your bootbag or take with you on a run, as it can literally give you a little boost when you feel your performance starting to dip. All you do is push down on the nozzle at the top of the can and inhale for a few seconds. During exercise the experience is a lot like having a drink when you’re really thirsty.

booost oxygen can tilted

The product has a peppermint flavour, which I didn’t like when testing it. For me the flavour was a lot like a dentist’s gloves rather than full blown peppermint – and it would be great to see them launch new flavours, or possibly an unflavoured version – although I’m aware they want to push the product with its flavour.

boost oxygen spray nozzle

So the important question for me is wether it helped me during exercise, and to be honest it really did – especially after exercise when I was recovering – it sped up the process and quickly circulated oxygen through my blood vestles – my breathing returned to normal almost immediately following consumption of Booost .

My main criticism of the product is that the product they sent us was too big to realistically use on a match day/when you go running. For me a smaller size which can sit in your boot bag or you can take in your hands would be much better – and its great to see they’ve launched just that in their travel sized version

Overall I’d say boost is a really great product to help you recover from extreme exercise periods, and the travel size is ideal for athletes looking for a more portable option for match days or fitness experiences like runs, as the regular bottle is just too bulky.

booost ingredients

You can buy a large tank of Booost for £10 delivered – or a travel pack of three for £13.50 delivered from the Booost web store