Today we were fortunate enough to visit Adidas’ “Adidas Lab” in Victoria House in the heart of London. Adidas have launched the lab during the Champions League Final to give fans a unique experience of their products – while also giving us a glimpse of the future – we were particularly struck by the 99 gram adizero sample which was on display.

99 gramme adizero



Unlike the current model, the upper was made from textile, which gave the boot an ‘xray’ type quality, allowing a much greater airflow and breathability in the boot – while also really reflecting the body’s biomechanics .

coloured 99 gramme adizero


When we held the boot, it was noticeably similar to a running shoe – and we’re sure this is deliberate – with air-flow across the material being a clear focus. If you’ve held the NitroCharge – the upper material is somewhat similar in terms of the coating – but it is noticeably thinner. We’re optimistic this will give an amazing touch on the ball! We were told Adidas set out with a goal of breaking the 100 gram boot barrier, and today we saw the results, we were reminded by Adidas’ innovation team – this boot weighs less than your iphone!

99 gramme adizero top of foot


The soleplate also saw a strong redesign – with this being the first time we’ve seen an SL adizero incorporate the micoach system. The sole also has a newly configured stud pattern, which is aimed around reducing injuries to the ACL as well as the ankle

99 gramme adizero sole plate crisp


The four heel studs we’re so used to seeing on the Adizero have been shaved down to a simple triangular configuration – which will offer a similar range of traction, while reducing the weight of the boot noticeably – we also think it will be interesting in play as it will be somewhat similar to a rear breaking stud.

99 gramme adizero coloured sole


Interestingly, the ‘power spine’ type feature which has been seen throughout the adizero range so far has also been redesigned – rather than running through the centre of the boot – we now see it run across the studs on both sides of the foot, an interesting adjustment which could improve support on side to side movements.


As we said, the upper material is a lot like a running shoe – which has been treated with the same coating as the NitroCharge – it will be really interesting to see how this plays on the pitch, and how the durability of it is.

adizero 99 gram upper material close up


We heard a lot of conflicting reports at the event as to when these might hit the market, with some suggesting they may be the upgrade to the current adizeros – while others said it would be due in 2015 – either way, we can’t wait to get our feet into a pair!

99 gramme adizero on model