One of, if not the, best boots on the market right now – Nike’s Mercurial Vapor has been given a new lick of paint by Nike’s design team, to reflect the summer season.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_mercurial_Boot_34 front copy


The Mercurial Vapor is one of the lightest boots on the market today – unlike many other ‘speed boots’ Nike has managed to maintain a solid feel throughout the boot – mainly through their use of a glass-fibre spine, which adds structure and stability to the shoe, while also giving your foot increased energy return in high speed sprints. Dual length studs offer different traction at high and low speeds, with thinner shorter studs at the bottom – to break the ground, and wider, longer studs to grip the surface at lower speeds. A breaking stud is also present to help you control your speed better.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_mercurial_Boot_sole copy


The upper of the boot features a dimpled texture, which is designed to give you increased friction with the ball, to offer you greater control when dribbling at high speeds – something that is ideal for any speed player, looking to beat a defender.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_mercurial_Boot_outside copy

The last used to make this boot is well shaped towards speed, giving your foot a more aerodynamic presence than your competitors. The boot also features a gloss-matte gradient, which allows for better airflow across the toebox of the boot, which will then disperse as the surface becomes more rough

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_mercurial_Boot_inside copy


The boot also features a youthful ‘NIKE’ logo across the rear-foot – which is sure to get you noticed, at first we were not fans – however, on pitch this looks really fantastic as the grass engulfs the logo and it appears to break through. It also helps to scream ‘speed’ from first sight, which is only aided by the colour gradient of the boot, which appears to be breaking around your extreme speed on the pitch.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_mercurial_Boot_34 rear copy


An almost completely seamless boot, the only noticeable seam is on the heal of the boot – this allows you to have a sock-like-fit which is unmatched by anyone else on the market, this is mainly due to the super soft upper material that nike has chosen to use, which – while being synthetic – allows for an unparalleled touch on the ball.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_mercurial_Boot_top copy

The Nike Mercurial Vapor features an ACC ( All Conditions Control )  coating, which is designed to give you equal grip in both wet and dry conditions – which should help you take on even more players with confidence in muggier conditions

An ideal boot for wingers and fast paced strikers, the Nike Mercurial Vapor fits slightly longer than normal boots, so you may want to go half a size down, you can buy your pair now from ProDirectSoccer for £159.99