Heralded by many as a ‘heritage’ boot – the Nike Tiempo Legend is a no-nonsense boot for those who like their classic boots, although Nike’s design team have given this classic boot a modern twist with their latest coat of paint.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_tiempo_Boot_34front copy

Unifying itself with the CTR360, the paint job see’s nike’s first visual separation of its four new silos, with the CTR and the Tiempo both getting the yellow and blue treatment.

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A mixture of leather and synthetic, the Nike Tiempo Legend IV is a classic boot riddled with modern innovation – the forefoot of the boot up to the seam which cuts through the swoosh is full-grain leather, which offers an excellent touch on the ball, and fantastic comfort off it. The synthetic mid and rear-foot of the the boot keep the weight of the boot down while still acting very much like leather, as nike has deployed their much loved Kangalite leather synthetic on this boot. The Leather toe will not only allow you a fantastic touch when dribbling but also a great deal of protection from opponents’ studs – should they attempt to be too rough with you!

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_tiempo_Boot_inside copy

Another area where Nike has used innovation on this classic model is with their choice of last – a very athletic last has been selected for the Tiempo Legend, which gives it a fantastic shape for getting under the ball and even in regards to giving you a fantastic touch either side of the boot – as the boot is close fitting, but will adapt to your foot as the leather will stretch and adapt to your foot.


Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_tiempo_Boot_sole copy

The stud pattern on the boot is fairly classic as well, featuring conical studs – a firm favourite with many players after bladed studs took over the game around 2004. However, once again Nike have added modern tech to this old-fashioned boot, with two breaking studs in the mid-foot to allow you greater control of your movement and speed on the pitch.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_tiempo_Boot_34 rear copy


The Tiempo also features an internal heel counter to offer you added protection from rough challenges from behind – as well as a well placed achilles guard to increase protection. One of the best features of this boot is the high-visibility yellow used on the back of the boot, making you easy to pick on from behind, while still keeping the colour-scheme of the rest of the boot refined and simple, for the more traditional player.



The boot also features Nike’s ACC control, giving you equal grip in both wet and dry conditions, which should see these last you longer than your average pair of leather boots, as they will not drink as much water as a traditional leather boot.

An ideal boot for defensive players (left back, centre back, right back and defensive midfielder ) the Nike Tiempo Legend IV runs true to size, and is available from ProDirectSoccer for £129.99