As pre-season really begins to take shape, fitness is one of the toughest hurdles in your way for a start in the first team. One of the most vital parts of your fitness kit is your footwear, yesterday Nike announced one of their most exciting inovations to date, the Flyknit Free.


Built to work around the natural motion of the foot, the Nike free has been a staple shoe for many footballers in their training regime, including Neymar and Ronaldo (pictured)

Nike’s free run is an extremely flexible shoe, which promotes barefoot running, this means you run more on your forefoot – rather than heel-striking, which a traditional running shoe will encourage you to do. As a result – using the shoe not only increases the natural range of motion for your foot, but also strengthens your foot the more your run – pretty cool right?

The design of the sole came around when runners at Stanford University ran barefoot on golf courses to try and improve their foot strength and move in a more natural manner. Nike then worked to create a trainer that would accommodate such needs for the every day runner. This works fantastically when training in the gym or when running around the pitch, as you get a comfortable level of cushioning – while also helping to build up your foot’s muscle type, this is great for speed players in particular!

So lets talk about Flyknit, what is “flyknit” ? It is one of Nike’s latest technologies – which works by weaving a shoe from three different yarns, making it super light, super breathable and super comfortable. To say Flyknit shoes fit like a sock is an understatement, and this is something that has really been built on with the Flyknit Free – which features a sock-like-bootie for an increased level of comfort.

“Nike Free Flyknit is the ultimate expression of natural performance principles, combining a supportive, sock-like upper and a flexible midsole and outsole that move with the body,” says Sean McDowell, Creative Director for Nike Running. “The compression fit brings the foot closer to the sole for enhanced lockdown and propulsion.”



Overall, the Nike Flyknit Free is an excellent shoe to wear both during training, and after matches – as your muscles will respond well to the cushioning following an intense match or training session – while the lightweight and breathable upper should give you the edge over those vying for your spot on the team sheet!

The Nike FlyKnit Free will fit half a size smaller than your average shoe, so half size up! You can pre-order it now in various colours (we’re big fans of the black and grey!) from for £130