Be Seen – thats what each boot screams at you in Adidas’ latest concoction “The Enlightened”. A classically coloured boot, with a modern twist – reflective stripes, which are sure to stand out on the world’s biggest stage – the UEFA Champions League this evening as they make their debut!

Enlightened_Boot_GroupShot_Image_010 copy


This is not the first time Adidas has used reflective technology in their footwear, having previously created an NFL cleat that reflected photo flashes in a similar fashion, but its great to see the brand take the innovative technology forward to (arguably) the greatest sport on earth.

Enlightened_Boot_Nitrocharge_Image_007 copy

Rolling out across all silos, the reflective technology will be available in two different forms, primarily it is going to be a customisation option on MiAdidas – Adidas’ boot customisation service – where “The Enlightened Pack” will become a customisation option, offering reflective stripes – and for the first time on the Nitro Charge, a black Energy Sling.

Enlightened_Boot_Nitrocharge_Image_002 copy

Alternatively, the Adidas online store will have a select offering of the boots on their online store.

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This is also the first release we can remember from Adidas which sees all silos unified by colour-scheme, and its nice to see the design team at Adidas were happy to go with a simple black and white combination – allowing the reflective panels to stand out.

Enlightened_Boot_11Pro_Image_003 copy


The boots will be making a one off appearance in this week’s Champions League fixtures – and after that players should be going back to their brighter (but less reflective) boots. Expect these to be lighting up the feet of stars such as Mesut Ozil, Karim Benzema, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Dani Alvez.

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The Enlightened Pack is available from today (Tuesday 22nd October) for purchase from and via Join the adidas football conversation at or on Twitter: @adidasfootball.