Before the start of the season, a mysterious pink, orange, red and white boot graced the feet of Sergio Aguero. Controversy swept social media as the mysterious ‘magic eye’ boot caught the attention of boot fanatics and football fans alike. Enter the Puma Evospeed 1.2

puma evospeed camo lead




Fresh on the scene and with a clean new shape, as well as a super soft synthetic – which is similar to leather, this boot means business – and stated its intent from day one with this eyecatching colour.

puma evospeed camo pattern


Unlike many launch colourways, Puma opted to disguise all of the key features in the boot – avoiding even using their iconic Formstripe, confident that fans would notice the boot and look into it more.

puma evospeed camo soleplate


Noticeable off the bat was the redesign on the soleplate, which now featured an increased flexibility in the forefoot, and most importantly around the first metatarsal. Why is that important? Because the ‘first met’ and your ears are in fact what you use to balance yourself – so an increased flexibility will only increase your performance on the pitch.


puma evospeed black lead


Enter the full colour edition of the boot. Launched in a striking colourway the Puma Evospeed 1.2 has been Puma’s first statement boot in a number of years, seeing them capture key players from other brands, including Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla and dominate the Premier League.  So let’s talk about the boot. The redesign of the upper is something we were dying to see, previously the synthetic on the boot was far too rigid to compete with other speed-boots, but the recent redesign sees the introduction of an all new upper which is super soft and offers a fantastic touch on the ball.

puma evospeed toebox


The shape of toebox has also been massively improved- allowing the player to get under the ball and control it with ease. We also see the dots on the forefoot of the boot get a drastic redesign – with a far more sensible spacing and shape to them – which give you an increase in friction on the ball, and therefore more control at high speeds. The latest incarnation of the Evospeed also sees a visual first from PUMA, who have ditched the Formstripe on the instep of the boot for a more youthful and energetic ‘PUMA’ graphic – which screams speed.

puma evospeed instep graphic


The central lacing system feels comfortable when striking the ball, allowing you to have confidence when striking the ball – its interesting to note that this speed boot has been a boot of choice for a lot of Puma’s high scoring forwards, including Oliver Giroud, Sergio Aguero and Ramadel Falcao.

puma evospeed side view


The heel counter on the boot was something we really liked on the original Evospeed, so its great to see this is one feature Puma have barely tweaked with their .2 redesign, remaining flexible and comfortable as it cups the heel.

puma evospeed soleplate


The ‘.2′ redesign has also seen some vital tweaks to the soleplate of the boot, previously the boot featured a mix of conical and semi-conical studs. With the latest edition of the boot this has been scrapped – with Puma opting for the far more agile conical studs throughout the boot. The DuoFlex zones on the boot are thinner with more defined grooves, meaning you get a more targeted flexibility, increasing the natural feel of these boots, which is reflected in the insole of the boot too.

puma evospeed speed track

The boot also sees the introduction of Puma’s Speedtrack system, a plastic spine that forces your foot forward while giving added energy return. A new and probably controversial feature – we’re going to say its a huge success and really enhances your game as a forward – increasing your off the line speed.

puma evospeed plastic lace locks


On the negatives, We were not huge fans of the reinforcements around the lace holes – which are obviously there for durability. The same plastic was on the previous model of the Evospeed, but was far less noticeable because the upper was nowhere near as soft. We also found the laces to be too long for the boots – but to be honest, we’re clutching at straws to find fault with these boots, they’re a huge improvement on the previous Evospeed – which wasn’t bad to start with! Well done PUMA!




evospeed 1point2 scorecard


The Puma Evospeed 1.2 is available from ProDirectSoccer for £119.99 


The Puma Evospeed 1.2 Camo is available from ProDirectSoccer for £129.99