Meet the best boot we’ve worn in quite some time. Nike’s latest incarnation of the Tiempo Legend series completely reinvents the ‘heritage’ boot market, setting a new standard which is hard for most other boots to compete with.


We were first given the chance to put the Tiempo Legend 5 through its paces during a session with Ashley Cole and Rizzle Kicks, held by Nike. A gruelling set of drills and matches saw the boots put through their paces and come out with flying colours. Like the majority of our readers, generally its hard to get excited about a leather boot…but the new Tiempo is a different story.

nike tiempo legend 5 instep

Reborn with youthful good looks, the boot has a high contrast instep – which makes even the simple black/white colourway pop off on pitch, and give a great visual effect when running. Its also clear Nike’s Tiempo 5 has drawn inspiration from its brother, the Hypervenom – featuring a mesh frame within the boot, just like its counterpart – meaning this leather boot isn’t going to over stretch and lose its shape after months of wear…under the tongue is also a soft pad that makes powerful shots ping off the boot like nothing we’ve ever felt before.


nike tiempo legend 5 honeycome mesh

oh and did we mention its waterproof?! 

nike tiempo legend 5 instep leather grain


Drawing inspiration from Nike’s running line, the boot features Hypershield technology – which means this Tiempo absorbs 75, yes 75!, percent less water than the previous model! If that hasn’t got you excited, it also dries 25% quicker than the previous model…wet, muddy, sunday league pitches don’t stand a chance.

nike tiempo legend 5 water resistant


The leather on the boot is super soft, and there was a huge conversation online as to the percentage of the boot that was actual leather and what was kangalite. Nearly the whole boot is leather, with just the heal area of the boot being leather. A new construction sees the number of layers within the boot shift from four to two, giving you a touch like never before on the ball…and we also noticed a softer leather grain on the instep, giving a CTR like passing pad

nike tiempo legend 5 hypershield


The toebox of the boot draws inspiration from one of the best tiempos every designed, the Ronaldinho Tiempo – with a stitching pattern that is almost identical, this gives a great feel for the ball and fantastic control when dribbling.


nike tiempo legend 5 toe stitching


Earlier we mentioned similarities with the Hypervenom, but it doesn’t stop at the mesh, Nike’s fantastic “X1.1″ anatomical last, which was first used on the Venom, has been brought into this boot, meaning a more natural fit to your foot. But the similarities don’t stop there, lets take a look at the soleplate of the boot.

nike tiempo legend 5 soleplate

The Tiempo also features, a less prominent, split-toe – giving you more control in tight spaces, as your first metatarsal is a vital component in balancing yourself. The graient print on the sole isn’t just for shoe, its a visual display of the gradiated flex zone in the boot, giving you a more natural range of motion (similar to a bare foot feel) when compared to a normal boot – which has a hinge flex.

nike tiempo legend 5 soleplate pronation support


The boot also features a support band, that supports your foot as it pronates (bends during running). This gives you an increase in both comfort and energy return when playing…pretty cool right?



A super light weight, water resistant, practically full leather boot – have nike touched on perfection? Its hard to fault this boot.


nike tiempo legend 5 scorecard

The Tiempo Legend 5 is available now from Prodirect soccer for £139.99