Meet the Magista, Nike’s first venture into the football boot market with their groundbreaking Flyknit Technology. Offering an unprecedented fit, feel and control on the ball, the knitted bootie will change the way we view boots forever.


After an intensive four years of research and development, the Magista has finally been unveiled to the public, having been tested for months as a blacked out model – seen on the feet of Inniesta and Gotze to name just two players, as seen here in this teaser video



Talking about the boot, Mark Parker, Nike’s CEO said


“Our aim at Nike has always been to meet the athlete’s particular performance demands and amplify his unique set of skills. Magista inherits that transformative history of design and innovation and supercharges it,“ comments Mark Parker, NIKE, Inc. CEO and President.

Flyknit first graced sportswear at the 2012 olympics, where it was used to create a super light weight running shoe, since then Nike have designed four new variations on the flyknit and flyknit racer, as well as moving the technology into basketball with the Kobe 9, however – unlike previous flyknits the Magista incorporates a 3d knit. This means the boot has more friction for better control when dribbling and more accurate shooting.


“Previous construction methods required added layers to the top of the boot to get this friction, ultimately moving the foot further from the ball, but Nike Flyknit allows us to knit texture directly into the boot,” said McCartney.  “3D knit is new for Nike and for football, and hundreds of revisions were required to get this 3D pattern exactly right. The result of all this work is great ball feel in a minimal package.”

The boot also features a completely new sole design,  which is similar to a hybrid of the AirZoom total 90 studs and the Hypervenom – the anatomical X1 last of the Venom and Tiempo will also be used for the Magista – offering a natural shape to the boot.

The Magista player stops, decelerates and moves in multiple directions while controlling the ball. For this player, Nike added 360° rotational traction through conical studs and a Pebax®-and-nylon plate to improve traction.



Compressed nylon offers a highly responsive plate that delivers strength while remaining incredibly light. Combined with Pebax, the structure allows for flex and increased movement with the foot while eliminating mechanical flex (an area where the boot always flexes in the same spot).


Nylon extends to the big toe and acts as a chassis to help players plant and then spring off the ground for more explosive speed. Nike also removed the insole board to place the player closer to the ground for a better center of gravity and enhanced traction. Finally, the entirely conical stud configuration is unique to the Magista, enabling 360° rotation.

The Magista will be available for pre-order at on April 29 and to purchase from May 22.