Continuing the storied history of the boot that transformed the industry, Nike launches the new generation of the Mercurial to match the speed of today’s game.

The new boot, unveiled today by Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid, is born from four years of R&D in the Nike Sport Research Lab.  Driven by insights from the world’s fastest athletes, the Superfly is created to revolutionize speed.

First unveiled in 1998, the original Mercurial was a radical and unprecedented piece of design that established Nike as the leader in football boot innovation. With the new Mercurial Superfly, Nike has created not just another cutting-edge boot but a leap forward for on-pitch speed.

“With its new design innovations, the 2014 Superfly makes a quantum leap forward in what high performance boots can be – and what they can help players achieve,” said NIKE, Inc. President and CEO Mark Parker at the Madrid unveiling. “Fueled by Nike Flyknit technology and with a bold new silhouette, the Mercurial Superfly will be the boot of choice for the game’s fastest players.”


Since its debut, Mercurial boots have been synonymous with speed. The Mercurial Superfly is designed for the player who is always a step ahead of his marker and the game itself. This boot allows players to unlock their potential and earn that split second that can open up the game.

“Innovating for the game’s best is the very soul of Nike. It is the fundamental pillar of who we are,” said Trevor Edwards, President of the Nike Brand, at the unveiling. “And as players get faster and stronger, we challenge ourselves to keep improving – because sport is about constant progression – and so is the Nike brand.”

“Today is the culmination of that journey as we head toward Brasil,” Edwards said. “It’s a journey of innovation fueled by our deep-rooted passion for the game. Like the players we design for, when it comes to the World Cup we hold nothing back. Because when the eyes of the world are upon you, you have to bring your best. At Nike, we live for these moments; it’s what we do. We know the dreams of entire nations rest on our athletes’ shoulders, so we ensure they have what they need to succeed. Every day we challenge ourselves to live up to their ambition. They choose brilliance. And so do we.”