For 20 years Adidas’ Predator has been a staple boot in the industry, yes you read that right 20 years! This year not only sees the predator hit the big 2-0 but also make a move towards what the Predator Faithful fans have been calling out for since the boot received a radical redesign with the Predator LZ.


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Launching in the classic predator combination of Red/Black/White – this boot makes a clear play for those predator fans who have looked elsewhere in recent years. This year’s model, the Predator Instinct calls out to the players’ animalistic instincts on the pitch through the use of an animal-print inspired graphic breaking through the boot.

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Previously being worn by players such as Zidane and Beckham – many saw the old predators as a ‘power boot’ but since those days the game has changed – and similarly so has the predator, with this boot being championed by Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil, the Instinct is all about control.


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The Predator Instinct features an all new Control Frame, which sees the removal of the thin strips and bumps of the LZ line – with brand new and aggressive ‘raised fins’ that are sure to win back the hearts of Predator fans worldwide, they ensure ultimate levels of grip, touch and – most importantly – ball control.

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The boot features Adidas’ hugely popular Leather-Synthetic material, hybrid touch, which was first debuted on the Adidas Predator Absolute, creating a super soft upper with similar qualities to leather, but without the excessive stretching, weight or water absorption that comes with a leather upper. That said, many predator fans would still love to see the reintroduction of a full leather upper. The boot also features a new gel pad on the instep for optimum comfort when passing from the instep of the boot, and also when receiving passes with the instep.

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The boot also features a newly redesigned TPU soleplate, which offers more grip than ever before, as well as a huge increase in flexibility in the boot.

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Having moved away from the traditional Predator Blade a few years ago, this boot features Adi’s stud/blade triangular hybrid – which offers players the best of both worlds, whilst avoiding the risks of locking the blades into the ground.

14_Primal_Instincts_2x1_Bottom copy



With all the great callouts to previous boots an innovation mixed together, we were left slightly disappointed not to see the latest Predator bring back the infamous tongue that many of us associate with the classic line of boots….maybe next time, right?


In its 20th anniversary year and to celebrate the previous 14 generations of Predator, adidas is releasing 14 new versions of the Predator Instinct during 2014.  This includes Revenge Instinct, a heritage set of three Predators based on the original designs of the 1994 Predator, the 1998 Accelerator and the 2002 Mania – thats right Predator Fans, the Mania is coming back – keep it locked here to find out more details soon!

The Predator Instinct is available to buy now from ProDirectSoccer