Puma refresh their hugely popular Evopower silo with a fresh design that packs a punch.


Evopower 1 2 changing room



We never got to try out the original evopower, but the good people at Puma were nice enough to furnish us with a pair to test out ahead of the release of the all new EvoPower 1.2. Before I get into the tech of the boot, I think it is important to say I am a huge fan of barefoot running – it allows a more natural range of motion and can help to strengthen your feet. Why is that relevant to a boot? Because the EvoPower seeks to utilise barefoot technology – and unlike their competitor in the Hypervenom – that isn’t just limited to the first met and the upper material.

evopower 1 2 sole


The sole of the boot, made from pebax plastic (giving the best possible energy return) features flexible zones which increase the natural range of motion for the player. This creates a feeling of wearing a boot you’ve had for years, which is moulded to your foot – straight out of the box. The studs are a mixture of conical and bladed studs – which give unnoticeable stud pressure that only adds to the natural feeling of the boot. The conical studs in the forefoot of the boot also allow you to have a 360 degree range of motion when moving on your toes in tighter spaces.


evopower 1 2 spine


The boot also features a spine that supports your foot when running. This prevents pronation ( where your foot bends or rolls when you run). That makes this football boot an ideal option for those that suffer with over or under pronation.


evopower 1 2 arial


The upper of the boot is synthetic – which keeps the weight of the boot down. Unlike other synthetics (specifically from puma as well) this one is incredibly soft and comfortable, and genuinely gives leather a run for its money. The upper features slits which bend with your foot to increase comfort – while the raised sections offer extra padding for smashing a ball through the back of the net!

evopower 1 2 instep

Covered with GripText print, the boot offers superior grip on the ball when dribbling at high speeds. It was a great feature on the EvoSpeed and it is great to see it make a move to the EvoPower Line.

evo power 1 2 everfit cage


Puma have also continued to use the external everfit cage. This is a hard wearing synthetic which offers extra support, stability and flexibility – a bit like Kinesio Tape (the magic tape Gareth Bale wears) for your boot, giving you adaptive support and flexibility where you need it.

The heal counter of the boot is gives a lock down fit – while a slightly raised rear of the boot offers achilles protection which is comfortable due to the softer synthetic used on the EvoPower, compared to the uncomfortable one on the EvoSpeed.

evopower 1 2 stand shot


Overall, this is one of the best boots I have ever had the pleasure to wear. Having confidently started the season in Nike’s Hypervenom – the EvoPower’s main rival, I have to say I have not looked twice at them since wearing the EvoPower for the first time. The launch colour is also fantastic – with a simple ‘peacoat’ colour on the upper –  and a ‘bright plasma’ pop – that highlights the boot’s tech features.



puma evopower score


You can buy the Puma Evopower from ProDirectSoccer for £145