We get our hands on the latest products for footballers

Puma Evopower 1.2 Review

Puma refresh their hugely popular Evopower silo with a fresh design that packs a punch.


Evopower 1 2 changing room



Nike Tiempo Legend 5 Review

Meet the best boot we’ve worn in quite some time. Nike’s latest incarnation of the Tiempo Legend series completely reinvents the ‘heritage’ boot market, setting a new standard which is hard for most other boots to compete with.



Adidas NitroCharge 1.0 Review

Its rare to see a brand new silo hit the market, which targets an entirely new consumer – but thats exactly what Adidas did at the start of the 2013-14 season, with the introduction of the Nitrocharge 1.0 – which specifically targeted a new breed of player, known as ” #theengine ”

Adidas NitroCharge lead image



Puma Evospeed 1.2 Review

Before the start of the season, a mysterious pink, orange, red and white boot graced the feet of Sergio Aguero. Controversy swept social media as the mysterious ‘magic eye’ boot caught the attention of boot fanatics and football fans alike. Enter the Puma Evospeed 1.2

puma evospeed camo lead



Pre-Season Footwear – Adidas Boost

Continuing to look at the importance of fitness footwear for pre-season, we take a look at Adidas’ latest running innovation the Boost. The boost boasts a revolutionary design in energy return – which is delivered through the shoe’s cushioning system, helping you run for longer with less effort!

adidas BOOST Group Mens 02



Pre-Season Footwear – Nike Flyknit Free

As pre-season really begins to take shape, fitness is one of the toughest hurdles in your way for a start in the first team. One of the most vital parts of your fitness kit is your footwear, yesterday Nike announced one of their most exciting inovations to date, the Flyknit Free.


Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

One of, if not the, best boots on the market right now – Nike’s Mercurial Vapor has been given a new lick of paint by Nike’s design team, to reflect the summer season.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_mercurial_Boot_34 front copy



Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Heralded by many as a ‘heritage’ boot – the Nike Tiempo Legend is a no-nonsense boot for those who like their classic boots, although Nike’s design team have given this classic boot a modern twist with their latest coat of paint.

Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_tiempo_Boot_34front copy


Nike CTR360 Maestri III

As pre-season kicks off, we’re taking a look at the newest and most exciting boots to hit the market – to kick things off, Nike’s CTR 360 – one of our favourite boots – gets a brand new lick of paint


Fa13_FB_WE_4Silo_CTR360_Boot_34front copy



Lotus F1 Team Edition Range by Suremen

Speed and Football are synonymous – both on the pitch, with super fast players, and off it with their super fast cars. Lotus and Suremen have teamed up to bring out an exciting range of new products, which we took a look at for your wash bag!



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