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Usain Bolt Speeds Up Sergio Agüero For Manchester Derby

A rather unusual encounter took place yesterday ahead of this Sunday’s much anticipated Manchester Derby.  Usain Bolt, the World’s Fastest Man, caught up with Manchester City’s star striker Sergio Agüero to give him a unique lesson in speed.

Usain Bolt gives Sergio Agüero a unique lesson of speed ahead of the Manchester Derby


Pre-Season Footwear – Adidas Boost

Continuing to look at the importance of fitness footwear for pre-season, we take a look at Adidas’ latest running innovation the Boost. The boost boasts a revolutionary design in energy return – which is delivered through the shoe’s cushioning system, helping you run for longer with less effort!

adidas BOOST Group Mens 02



Nike Redecorate St George’s Park

Recently @nikefootball asked fans to tweet inspirational messages to the England squad, following the launch of their new ‘ #theshirt ‘ campaign for the soon-to-be-released England Home and Away kit, today the squad was met with a surprise addition to their training pitch

ENT_FB_2048x1280_Pitch_006 copy



Nike’s “The Chance” Stops Off in Manchester

Following The Chance World Tour stop in Turin, Italy, the squad landed in Manchester, England, for a week of training and football culture immersion at Manchester United’s Carrington facility.


Nike’s The Chance, David Luiz and the final 52

Emotions ran high tonight at The Chance final as the 100 finalists were cut to 52. The players who had put so much into their three days of hard training were told if they would be going on to tomorrow’s semi-final and the chance to further impress the coaches.


Nike’s The Chance – The final session with all 100 players

“It was hard today but I think I did OK. Whatever happens later, we will support each other. Thanks to this experience, I have learned so much about other cultures and have made genuinely great friends from all over the world.” — Jonathan Lama 18, USA



Nike’s The Chance – Day 2

“I knew that tomorrow was a rest day, so I certainly upped my efforts in an attempt to make the final 52.” — Bismark Kwarteng, Ghana


Nike The Chance – Rio’s Boot Camp

Over the last six months Nike have been scouring the UK for The Chance, a global talent hunt that
aims to uncover talented teenage footballers who have been overlooked by traditional scouting
networks. Nike’s scouts watched more than 5,000 players in the UK and an extensive series of trials
has produced three UK winners: Liam Baker (a forward), Jose Figura and Ashleigh Artwell (both
midfielders) were selected by a panel composed of experienced coaches, ex-professional footballers
and Manchester United and England’s Rio Ferdinand.


Adidas MiCoach v Nike Fuel Band

Sport is changing, we’re now all focused on the best way to improve our performance – and one of the best ways to do that is to review your performances!

It used to be that you had to film a game or hire a personal trainer to give you detailed feedback on your game, but long gone are those days – enter the 21st Century’s answer to the problem: technology.


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